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Are You Watching the Olympics?

Posted by Laura Losch on August 16, 2008

I don’t know if any of you have caught any of the Olympics on TV, but the coverage on NBC (channel 11) is spectacular! Michael Phelps has crushed records with his numerous Gold medals. Has anyone been watching the soccer? The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goes against Japan on August 18th. I hope it’ll be shown on TV! As of this post – the United States is winning the medal count with a total of 54 medals! I know several of you are working on Olympic activities in class – like Mrs. Ferrin’s 6th grade math class. They are tracking three different countries’ medal count and will then graph the results. Pretty cool to be able to talk about the Olympics during math class!

I hope some of you out there are using Google’s e-mail system Gmail. Google offers so many tools – I may have to write a Blog post just dedicated to them in the future. When you log into Gmail, you’ll see a link at the top for Google Reader. Google Reader can help you keep track of Blogs (like this one!!!), news articles, and even the Olympics! I’m excited about the Women’s Marathon on TV tonight, so I’ve set up my Gmail account to e-mail me an hour before it comes on TV, therefore I won’t miss a minute! The websites out there have all the different events and their various schedules. Did you know there is Olympic badminton, table tennis (what we call ping pong), water polo, and synchronized diving? These are sports you are likely to not see again until the next Olympics.

Check out the official Olympic website for more:

and the official NBC coverage website:

All pictures are from the official Olympic website


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