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Happy New Year!

Posted by Laura Losch on January 1, 2009

Can you believe we’ve made it to 2009? All of you probably think that question is rather silly. I would have thought that question was silly when I was in middle school. Of course we make it to 2009, I would have said. But as we get older – time flies! (And don’t come by the media center and call me old!) It really does! Did you do everything you wanted to in 2008? Did you have resolutions in 2008? Did you keep them? Do you even remember them? 🙂

Did you read enough books in 2008?

We can always read more books! So partner with me in making a 2009 resolution to read more books!

What are the most popular resolutions people make you say? Check out this site! This site has the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but they are mostly for adults. Resolutions for you should be things like: to get straight A’s, to read 25 books at or above my grade level, volunteer my time helping someone else, compliment a teacher once a month, be nicer to your little sister or brother, and things like that. I think making resolutions is a great idea. It makes us focused on the coming year and helps us set some goals for our lives.

I hope you’re enjoying the winter break! See you on Tuesday!


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