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Posted by Laura Losch on January 19, 2009

A fellow Media Specialist at Creekview High School has put together a great Pageflakes about the inauguration. This Pageflakes contains a live Ustream of the event tomorrow, several great YouTube videos of importance, lots of great Flickr photos of the Obamas, and numerous links to other great inauguration information. Please take a moment to check it out. It’s a great resource for learning more about this historic event (it’s an event that only comes around every four years you know).

Click here: Inauguration Pageflake

I hope you are enjoying this day off in honor of the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today should be a day of service, so please get out today and volunteer your time to someone else. And let’s take a moment to reflect on how far our country has come in the 40-something years since King started his great movement. Would South Hall have so many different races and ethnicities if it weren’t for King? I know that’s hard for some of you to grasp – a school with only one skin color. It does seem weird – even to me. I’ve always attended schools with other students of different ethnicities. But we should celebrate our wonderful diversity at South Hall and know that we have one amazing man to thank for that – Martin Luther King, Jr.

See you in the library!


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