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Charles Darwin’s Birthday

Posted by Laura Losch on February 12, 2009

As I accessed Google this morning, I noticed the logo was done up in pretty flowers and birds. And why did Google do this? Because today marks the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. A fun fact about Charles Darwin is that he was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809). So I guess we’re celebrating Lincoln’s birthday as well (thank you Lincoln for President’s Day!). You probably know Darwin best for his theory of evolution and natural selection. But you may not know that Darwin was a skilled meteorologist, conducting experiments with bacteria, wind, and hazy sky conditions. A true scientist at heart I would say.

Check out this cool Darwin birthday web site I found: Darwin Day An international day of celebration I suppose!

I just thought this was interesting and wanted to share. Have a great day! See you in the library!


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