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Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

Posted by Laura Losch on April 21, 2009

I’ve just finished another 2009-2010 Reading Bowl book, Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis. He wrote some other great books like The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 and Bud, Not Buddy. This particular book is already winning awards – it is a Newbery Honor Book and won the Coretta Scott King Award, so right off the bat you know this book is going to be good.

When I looked at the cover, I’ll admit it, I thought – not another slave-trying-to-get-free story!! BUT I was happy to learn that this story is about Elijah, a free born boy living in Canada. The first half of this book follows Elijah through his daily life: dealing with his former-slave parents, his nutty best friend, a man called “Preacher” who doesn’t act like a preacher, being called fragile because he cries sometimes, and more. But the story takes a turn when “Preacher” steals Mr. Leroy’s money and runs off into America. Elijah ends up being the boy Mr. Leroy turns to for help. But what does a free born boy know about America? And what if a slave catcher gets Elijah? He’s free born, so he doesn’t have any proper papers. Read and find out. . . .

Great book! Highly recommended!

See you in the library!


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