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Robyn Hood Black is coming!!!!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 21, 2009

On April 30th in the media center, we will be honored to have Robyn Hood Black come and speak to the 6th graders about her cool book Wolves!

Robyn Hood Black often volunteers at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve (as in the picture below) and LOVES hanging out with the wolves! And too cool is a link on her website to the International Wolf Center Exhibit Pack in Minnesota. They have a wolf cam!!! Click on this link and see if you can spot any wolves! Too cool!! (They were just lounging on rocks when I checked them last)

I also want to share a great opportunity for everyone while Robyn Hood Black is here at South Hall. She will be selling her book Wolves for only $20! And she will sign your book for you  if you purchase one while she’s here! How cool – an opportunity to have a signed book by the author herself! See me in the media center if you want to pre-pay for your book. She’s also donating some of the money from the book sales to our own media center!!!

So get ready – get your wolf growling voice ready – and on April 30th we will get a treat!




All photos from Robyn Hood Black’s website:

See you in the library on April 30th!!


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