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Reading Bowl Team 2009-2010

Posted by Laura Losch on September 8, 2009

For those of you who haven’t heard, I sponsor a Reading Bowl Team here at South Hall Middle. What’s a Reading Bowl Team you say? Well, just about the coolest club in school, that’s what! 🙂

The Reading Bowl Team doesn’t gear up until November, but I wanted to alert everyone about it now, because you can start participating today! The Reading Bowl Team reads books from a selected list of 20 books (they happen to be the Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees) and we answer quiz-like questions about the books (think Jeopardy). BUT don’t fear people! You do not have to read all 20 books to be a member of the team. I just ask that you read 8 of the books between now and February 2010. At each meeting, which will be Wednesdays after school beginning in November, I will ask you quiz questions and we will practice using quiz buzzers. In February 2010, on a Saturday, we will travel to Pickens Co. Middle School and compete against other middle schools on the same books. This is why we practice beforehand, so we can be the best!

We have lots of fun on that day. I buy everyone a t-shirt to wear and we go out to lunch after the competition. So, if this sounds like something your interested in – don’t wait! Stop by the library and start checking out the Reading Bowl books now. These special books sit in a special place in the media center, so please ask me where they are and I’ll show you. I’ve already read 7 of them and they have all been great! That another great thing about Reading Bowl Team, the books are always wonderful books. Here’s some of the titles:

Uprising by Maragret Haddix

Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

Deep, Dark and Dangerous by Mary Hahn

The Sorta Sisters by Adrian Fogelin

See you in the library!


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