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Did you miss me?

Posted by Laura Losch on October 6, 2009

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on this Blog. Did anyone miss me?

The reason I haven’t posted in some time is that we are in full swing with research! Both 6th and 7th grades have begun their research unit in Language Arts and that involves a lot of my time. I have spoken to all the 6th grade Language Arts classes about research (& Informational Texts) and I’m finishing up the 7th grade classes this week.

I wanted to have a quick post of something cool I learned to do! We purchased some new digital video cameras in the media center and I practiced using them by taping Mrs. Galvin’s 7th grade Language Arts class playing expository writing musical chairs! I am still unsure as to how to post a video straight onto this Blog, so for now the videos are housed over at YouTube. I have linked them below. Check them out!!!

See you in the library (unless I’m busy teaching research skills!).


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