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Have you seen our Books on CD section?

Posted by Laura Losch on December 16, 2009

As we approach that wonderful time of year – Winter Break, consider checking out a book on CD. What exactly is a book on CD you ask? A book on CD is an entire book broken down into 5-10 CDs read by either the author or a professional reader. Why would you want a book on CD you ask? Maybe your Mom asks you to clean your room over the break, you can “read” a book while you clean your room. Just pop the CD into your CD player and listen to the story. I would think almost all of us here at South Hall has heard some part of a book on tape at some point. The Language Arts teachers all have several copies for use in class.

The Books on CD Section

Where exactly is the Books on CD section you ask? It’s right next to the Yearbooks, Movies, and Guinness World Record Books. You can’t miss them! Now another question you may have once you make it over to the Books on CD section is, why are there regular books mixed in with the CDs? Well, some students enjoy listening to someone read them the book while they also follow along in the actual book. So for those multi-taskers we have placed a copy of the book, if we have it in, conveniently right next to the CD version of the book. Keep in mind that the book itself as well as the CD version both count as an item and we have a 3 item limit in the library.

One of the best books I ever read was on CD while I was driving out-of-town. So during this long winter break, consider checking out a book on CD to listen to. It may just change your view of “reading”.

See you in the library on January 5th! 🙂


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