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Peak by Roland Smith

Posted by Laura Losch on January 20, 2010

Book Review Time! Book Review Time! (Can you sing that to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time?)

Peak by Roland Smith

An awesome adventure book that all the guys will enjoy! This book is about a guy named Peak Marcello. His parents named him Peak because they love climbing mountains. Peak too loves to climb, but living in the city he can only climb skyscrapers. His parents are divorced and it’s only until he gets arrested for climbing that his Dad takes an interest in him. In fact he takes a huge interest, like taking Peak to Tibet to climb Mount Everest. Why would his Dad take him across the world to climb? Because he wants Peak to become the youngest person ever to climb Everest. The youngest person to reach the top was 15, so Peak and his Dad are on a tight time schedule to get Peak to the top before his 15th birthday. I enjoyed this book because of all the characters Peak meets along the way, like Holly Angelo, a fussy, stuck-up, fancy reporter who wants to capture Peak’s story of becoming the youngest person to climb Everest. And there’s also Sun-Jo, a guy who’s been climbing his whole life and is the same age as Peak who is assigned to help Peak along the way, but he has hidden secrets. . . .

Throughout the entire story the Chinese army is constantly in their way, checking papers, trying to stop them and all that. But the story gets suspenseful because you really don’t know if Peak will summit (or make it to the top) Everest or not. And guess what? I’m not going to tell you, but the ending is a surprise!

Check out Peak by Roland Smith today! This book is also available on CD in our “Books on CD” section of the library!

See you in the library! 🙂


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