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I’m Out. . .

Posted by Laura Losch on February 17, 2010

That’s right, you read it correctly, I’m out of the building for probably the next 7 weeks. What might I be doing for that long of a time you ask? Well, duh, if you’ve seen me lately, you know – – – I’m having a BABY!!

For those of you who saw me today (trying to walk down the hall) you know that I need rest, so the rest of this week I’ll be at home resting my back. Then next Monday, the 22nd, the doctor will induce me (in other words, the doctor will make me go into labor and have the baby). So hopefully by this time next week I will be a new Mom.

While I’m away, there will be a substitute in the library keeping order. I have left him several notes about how we operate at South Hall, so no funny business people! 🙂  His name is Mr. Correll. I’ve told him about not letting anyone “hang out” too long in the library. If your teacher sends you down to find a book, then you need to find a book and get back to class. He has library experience, so if you need help finding a book – ask him! I’m sure he can help just as well as I can. And don’t forget that the Book Fair is coming March 1-5. Mr. Correll will be in charge and it should be awesome!!

I’m going to miss everyone while I’m gone! I probably won’t update this Blog too much while I’m gone, but I will post a picture of Baby Losch once he/she arrives!

Behave South Hall and I’ll see you soon!!!! 🙂


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