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Posted by Laura Losch on April 13, 2010

Have you missed me? Did you even realize I was gone? I hope so!

After having a baby girl named Mabry, I’m back for the rest of the school year. These next six weeks are going to fly by!

Next week starts CRCT testing – I hope you’re ready!

After CRCT, all 7th grade Social Studies classes will be in the media center for a fun lesson on Kente Cloth. We’re going to make some Kente Cloth!!!

Then on Thursday, May 13th, we’re celebrating Poetry all day with Poem in Your Pocket Day!! You probably remember this event from last year. I will be providing poems for everyone to keep in their pocket that day. If I ask you if you have a poem in your pocket on that day AND IF YOU DO, I will give you a special treat!

So there’s lot to look forward to in these upcoming weeks!

Also don’t forget to return all your overdue books BEFORE the dance on April 30th!!!

It’s great to be back – stop by the media center and say hello!!


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