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Oodles and oodles of Google Doodles!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 26, 2010

Have you ever gone to Google to search something out only to find the Google logo changed? Maybe the two “o’s” in Google were now Cookie Monster’s eyes or perhaps the word Google was floating in space. . .

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, they did a news story on the animators behind these Google “Doodles”. I thought it was so interesting! There are only 4 artists who change the Google logo everyday to celebrate holidays, events, or historical facts. They not only celebrate events in the United States, but also special holidays and events all over the world! Check out the video on the CBS website with the story: Click here.;photovideo

The Art behind Google’s Doodles – CBS News Video via kwout

I found this story really interesting. If you have time today after the Social Studies CRCT, be sure to take a minute and watch this video. And then you’ll know who’s making those cool Google logos we see everyday!

And speaking of Google: try typing in “Where is Chuck Norris” and hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky”. It’s too funny!!!

See you in the library! 🙂


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