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Reading Warehouse Book Sale – Come on Down!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 30, 2010

That’s right – the book sale is up and running! We have TONS of great titles and they are all $10 or less (some are only $2!!)!! Stop by any day next week and check it out!

I’ll even have it open during Zero Period!

See you soon!! 🙂


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Oodles and oodles of Google Doodles!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 26, 2010

Have you ever gone to Google to search something out only to find the Google logo changed? Maybe the two “o’s” in Google were now Cookie Monster’s eyes or perhaps the word Google was floating in space. . .

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, they did a news story on the animators behind these Google “Doodles”. I thought it was so interesting! There are only 4 artists who change the Google logo everyday to celebrate holidays, events, or historical facts. They not only celebrate events in the United States, but also special holidays and events all over the world! Check out the video on the CBS website with the story: Click here.;photovideo

The Art behind Google’s Doodles – CBS News Video via kwout

I found this story really interesting. If you have time today after the Social Studies CRCT, be sure to take a minute and watch this video. And then you’ll know who’s making those cool Google logos we see everyday!

And speaking of Google: try typing in “Where is Chuck Norris” and hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky”. It’s too funny!!!

See you in the library! 🙂

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Earth Day 2010

Posted by Laura Losch on April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day (and Math CRCT day, but I won’t bore you with talking about that. . .breathe in, breathe out)!

What can YOU do to help the planet Earth today? Just making a small change can really make a difference to our world. Maybe today you turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth (saves water), maybe you recycle that Powerade bottle from lunch, maybe you tell your Mom to use a reusable cloth bag at the grocery store instead of getting those plastic grocery bags. Any small thing you do can help to protect our planet.

Earth Day 2010 // The Nature Conservancy via kwout

I hope everyone did well today on the CRCT! Enjoy Earth Day 2010! See you in the library! 🙂

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CRCT. . . Are YOU ready?

Posted by Laura Losch on April 19, 2010

I want to wish each and every person GOOD LUCK on the CRCT beginning tomorrow. The best test-taking advice I can give you is to take your time. Don’t rush!

Get a good night’s sleep tonight and make sure you grab breakfast in the morning.

Check out this CRCT Walk:  (Walk it out South Hall!)

See you in the library after the test.  🙂

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National Library Week. . .going on now!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 15, 2010

Did you know that this week (April 11-17) is National Library Week?

Author Neil Gaiman is the official spokesperson for National Library Week. Remember him? He wrote the popular book Coraline and the creepier and a little less popular book The Graveyard Book. This is a week to celebrate all types of libraries – public, school, college, and so on. So this week take a moment to visit Blackshear Place or ME in the media center. Browse the books – you may find something you like! And with the CRCT right around the corner – you really, really need a book to read after each section of the test is finished. If you get overwhelmed by our 13,000 book selections, talk to me. I can help you find that perfect story!

I’m so happy and proud to be YOUR librarian – so show me some love and check out a book today!  🙂

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2010-2011 Reading Bowl Books Are Here!

Posted by Laura Losch on April 14, 2010

Attention all 6th and 7th graders! Are you interested in joining the Reading Bowl Team next year? It’s LOTS of fun! See here how much fun

We now have in the Reading Bowl Books for next school year. See the entire list here.

If you want to be a part of this fun team next year, please stop by now and check out the selection for next year. I will even let you check some of them out over the summer to get a head start on preparing for the competition.

Consider joining today!

See you in the library! 🙂

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Posted by Laura Losch on April 13, 2010

Have you missed me? Did you even realize I was gone? I hope so!

After having a baby girl named Mabry, I’m back for the rest of the school year. These next six weeks are going to fly by!

Next week starts CRCT testing – I hope you’re ready!

After CRCT, all 7th grade Social Studies classes will be in the media center for a fun lesson on Kente Cloth. We’re going to make some Kente Cloth!!!

Then on Thursday, May 13th, we’re celebrating Poetry all day with Poem in Your Pocket Day!! You probably remember this event from last year. I will be providing poems for everyone to keep in their pocket that day. If I ask you if you have a poem in your pocket on that day AND IF YOU DO, I will give you a special treat!

So there’s lot to look forward to in these upcoming weeks!

Also don’t forget to return all your overdue books BEFORE the dance on April 30th!!!

It’s great to be back – stop by the media center and say hello!!

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I’m Out. . .

Posted by Laura Losch on February 17, 2010

That’s right, you read it correctly, I’m out of the building for probably the next 7 weeks. What might I be doing for that long of a time you ask? Well, duh, if you’ve seen me lately, you know – – – I’m having a BABY!!

For those of you who saw me today (trying to walk down the hall) you know that I need rest, so the rest of this week I’ll be at home resting my back. Then next Monday, the 22nd, the doctor will induce me (in other words, the doctor will make me go into labor and have the baby). So hopefully by this time next week I will be a new Mom.

While I’m away, there will be a substitute in the library keeping order. I have left him several notes about how we operate at South Hall, so no funny business people! 🙂  His name is Mr. Correll. I’ve told him about not letting anyone “hang out” too long in the library. If your teacher sends you down to find a book, then you need to find a book and get back to class. He has library experience, so if you need help finding a book – ask him! I’m sure he can help just as well as I can. And don’t forget that the Book Fair is coming March 1-5. Mr. Correll will be in charge and it should be awesome!!

I’m going to miss everyone while I’m gone! I probably won’t update this Blog too much while I’m gone, but I will post a picture of Baby Losch once he/she arrives!

Behave South Hall and I’ll see you soon!!!! 🙂

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Reading Bowl Competition Success!

Posted by Laura Losch on February 9, 2010

This past Saturday, February 6th, the South Hall Reading Bowl Team traveled to Pickens County Middle School to compete in the North Regional Reading Bowl. Even though we didn’t place, we still had lots of fun and enjoyed the day! Here are some pictures:

And if this looks fun to you – please consider joining us next year. Most of my team this year was 8th graders, which means they will be leaving me and heading up to Johnson next year. SO I need new team members! Let me know if you would like to join and I can go ahead and give a few of the books for next year and you can look them over during the summer.

See you in the library! 🙂

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National School Counseling Week!

Posted by Laura Losch on February 1, 2010

This week (February 1-5) is National School Counseling Week, so when you see Ms. Vincent and Mrs. Carlson this week, tell them “THANK YOU” for the awesome job they do at our school. While your at it, tell Mrs. Gensel thank you too and give her a big hug! Our counselors are a big part of our school and help head many fun projects, like the Golden Ticket campaign going on now.

We love our counselors! Thank you for all you do for us!

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