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Blog Rules

Just as there are proper rules for conversing on a phone, there are proper rules for posting on a blog.

This is a moderated blog. All comments will be held until approval is granted for the post by the SHMS Media Center administrator.

There are some permanent ground rules:

1. Students may only use their first name or an appropriate nickname when commenting on this blog

2. Don’t use any other student’s last name when commenting

3. Do not include your personal information or personal information of anyone else (phone number, address, names of anyone)

4. Proofread your comment for spelling and grammatical errors

5. Use appropriate language for school

6. Remember your Grandma. Anything you write here can be read by your or someone else’s grandmother – so be nice!

Comments deemed inappropriate or off-topic by the Administrator will not be approved for posting.

These rules are adapted from Media in the Middle:


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